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Delivering Peak Performance

Our Vision

To support leadership teams in educational and commercial organisations to achieve improved outcomes and performance guided by coaching principles and sensitive to organisational culture.

We aim to bring syngeries across education and corporate environments to deliver improvements.

Dr Lorraine Couves is the Director of EduSOAR and Cliccouves Ltd.


Lorraine is a Performance Consultant, Project Manager and Change Lead and enjoys facilitating ideas generation, problem solving and organisational development.


Lorraine has over 15 years experience of educational organisations she has helped to drive strategic change leading to improvement in outcomes, Ofsted judgements and in financial sustainability. Lorraine is kowledgeable about the challenges and opportunities facing schools and colleges and had had success in helping educational organisation to address these challenges and embrace new opportunities.

Lorraine has experience in supporting academy transition and is a designated National Leader of Governance


Lorraine has over 20 years experience in delivering Projects and Organisational Change in the corporate sector. Within this environment Lorraine is a resourceful, purposeful and enthusiastic consultant who has an excellent ability to connect with senior leaders quickly understand their organisation and its challenges in both process and people and is energised by finding solutions in complex and ambiguous circumstances.

Lorraine in a excecutive and leadership coach, her outstanding communication skills and ability to build trust and rapport with her clients enable them to explore solutions to their challenges in a secure and supported environment.


Recently, Lorraine has added an NED role to her portfolio and is proud to be supporting a new start company EatArt Venues.



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