Client reviews


Client Reviews and Feedback

Sheila Philpott

CEO at Forster Community College


The work undertaken by Lorraine was professional yet personable and brought out the issues within the organisation with clarity through careful listening and thoughtful questioning. She applied sensitivity and passion using her knowledge of the education sector and the impacts of funding priorities into rationale and recommendation. Lorraine's feedback and reporting was timely, straight forward and the action planning process allowed full participation of my Management team. The agreed outcomes and recommendations were supported by the Board of Trustees on the basis that they were financially achieveable and that recognition had been given to a plan which had timely and achievable objectives within the constraints of funding and staff resources.


S E Philpott, CEO


Wendy Wilson-Brett

Co-owner, Peter's Yard


Lorraine is a very capable Project Manager. Her deep understanding of the processes and behaviours required for projects to progress smoothly is apparent as soon as you start working with her. Her ability to manage multiple project tracks and support team members each with very different styles, has meant that she has had a very positive impact on key new product development projects here at Peter's Yard.


In addition to her project management expertise, it is her own style - calm, approachable, tenacious and probing that ensures everyone involved feels reassured that projects will remain on track and be delivered on time. Lorraine can also see the way in which different styles of managers can cause issues in any project and is willing to drive improvement in team working by coaching and honest and constructive feedback.



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