Coaching and Development

Supporting Leaders


  • Executive coaching for CEO/Head and SLT
  • Building High Performing Teams
  • Talent management for succession planning and staff development
  • Leadership development workshops
  • Individual and team Coaching

EduSOAR Coaching


At EduSOAR we recognise the challenging position of senior leaders. Our aim is to be a trusted advisor and sounding board for leaders faced with organisational and leadership challenges, providing support and the necessary challenge to facilitate sound decision making. Our approach will be either coaching or consulting depending on the wishes of the client and the approach best suited to delivering the outcomes needed.


Where coaching is identified as a development and growth need for senior and middle leaders this can be provided in a safe, secure and confidential environment.


Leadership and learning are

indispensible to each other.

J.F. Kennedy

Practical Leadership Development Support

Designed to give you additional capacity when you need it most.

Examples of Delivery:

  • Leadership review and action planning to address underperformance in management teams
  • Organsiational Design when needed to react to a changing circumstance
  • Vision Development and Strategic Planning
  • Support in Performance Management and learning from Exit Interviews
  • Talent Mangement and Succession planning
  • Identifying a 'Road Map' to change
  • Governance Reviews (for Academies, Schools and Executive Boards)



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