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Nearly half of transitioning leaders underperform in the first 18 months.

Here are my 5 tips for successful transitions to help you to hit the ground running.


1. Reflect on your current role

Take time to look back on your current role, appreciate what you have achieved, the experiences you have had and what you have learned. Consider the strengths that you have developed and how you will take them forward to your new role.


2. Celebrate leaving

We all enjoy a good leaving do, but they serve an important psychological function in helping us to let go of the past and move forward. Celebrate the best of your role as it has enabled you to secure your new role.


3. Plan and prepare

Develop a plan for your first term; include learning as much as possible about your new school, or your new role, the priorities and challenges. Identify some easily achievable positive impact and plan to secure an early win.


4. Focus on relationships

Identify the key people in your new role and build strong relationships with them. As a new Headteacher these will include your leadership team, governors (especially the chair) and your PA. For other leadership roles focus on your leadership peer group and your team. Aim to create a strong support network and to identify and engage your stakeholders.


5. Keep your balance

Think about what you will need to do to preserve your work/life balance during this transition. How can the people around you support you?




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