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This table shows some of the qualities we associate with Leadership and with management.


In all organisations a balance of Leadership and management is needed. The two are not interchangeable, but both are necessary -a ying and yang if you like.


People tend to have a preference for one or the other role and in recent times management has been somewhat vilified and has become the power cousin of management.


Leadership & Management

As Drucker's quote reminds us Leadership is about doing the right things to move the organisation forward, however without the management discipline to do these things right then it could slip in chaos. Outstanding results are only achieved when their is a balance of Leadership and management drivers.


So organisations need leaders and managers and those individuals with a strong preference for one or the other discipline should appreciate that they will only succeed if their counterpart is in place.


Whilst exceptional management skills are often not seen in leaders and vice versa - there is much to be said for trying to improve both aspects of this skill set.





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