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On this page you will find posts, links to articles and my leadership blog


Leadership or Management


Thoughts on differences between Leadership and management - can you do both?


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Talent Management


How to use the 9 box matrix model as part of your talent management process


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The power of listening


How improving your listening skills can lead to better results.


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Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

In leadership roles, 80% of performance is attributed to emotional intelligence and only 20% to IQ.


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High Performing Teams

What makes a high performing team? Top tips to motivate and inspire your team.


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Explore the role of positive strategies for improvement with appreciative inquiry - this is an extremely powerful technique in the education context


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Leadership Styles

A look at Dan Goleman's 6 styles of leadership - what is your preference? and when do you need to deploy the others?


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Project management - The ADAPT model

Introducing a model for project management in SME's/ education and third sector organisations that is not onerous on process but focusses on people.




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